About us

Fair Fracht Ltd. is a specialist in finding alternative solutions for TRANSPORTING OVERSIZE, HEAVY and SPECIAL LOADS. We are a modern company with a lot of experience. Our main purpose is to deliver your cargo safe on time to your destination.

We provide our Clients with a complete organization and handling of oversize, heavy and special transport in the area of the European Union and Asia.
We offer you a long term partnership, based on professionalism and services adjusted to the Client's needs. We do not leave the Clients alone with their problems during the logistic operations – we are helping you and giving you the right solutions.

We can odder you a different special trucks and trailers responding to the dimensions and weight of your special goods. We organize for you all special permissions and pilot cars needed for delivering of your special shipments. If needed, we can organize cranes.


- Constructions machinery and mining equipment

- Farming and agriculture equipment

- Heavy industrials components

We advise our clients when buying second hand construction machines what to dismantle in order transport price to be the most reasonable for them.